NAHTM Certifications

NAHTM announces Certified Healthcare Transporter Instructor Training - Deliver the Curriculum to Your Patient Transporters!

What is a Certified Healthcare Transporter (CHT)?

The Certified Healthcare Transporter or, CHT, is a hospital-based transporter who has successfully passed all 3 courses that comprise the CHT curriculum.

The courses are:

  • Choices: Ethics for the Workplace,  Course I
  • Strategic Skill Building for Transporters, Course II
  • Technical Skills Training, Course III

Impact Training Corporation Principals, Jorie Phillippi and Ruthan Walsh, partnered with NAHTM in 2002 in the development of this unique, performance based certification for the front line hospital transporter.

What are the benefits of attaining the professional designation CHT?

The benefits of national certification for transporters include respect, an earned credential endorsed by NAHTM, and the ability to perform and compete at the highest level for transporter jobs. For employers, the national certification for its transporters provides increased safety, efficiency, professionalism, and consistent and memorable care for the patient. Additionally, this certification builds the competency base for individuals to begin life long career paths in healthcare-with significant opportunities for continuing skills growth and moving up career ladders.


             CHT Level I and Level II Intructor Training Class, John Hopkins Hospital, August 18-19, 2016



Certification Class
                                                 Ochnser Health System New Orleans December 8-9, 2015


Certification Process


         For online certification payments  make a credit card payment to NAHTM


Recertification Process


Upcoming Training Session

What: Level I Instructor Training

Where: Atlanta, GA

When: September  24-25, 2016

Training Location: Altanta Marriott Buckhead (more information)


CHT Instructor Registration Form (PDF)

About CHT Training Session (PDF)

Current NAHTM Certified Transporters (PDF)


Certification Class
       Level I Instructor Training at the 25th NAHTM Silver Anniversary Sugarland, TX October 7-15, 2015


What is a Level 1 CHT Instructor?

A NAHTM Level 1 Instructor is a hospital-based transport manager, or hospital trainer, who has successfully completed the 2-day training session.

The session prepares the individual to competently and effectively deliver the 3 course CHT curriculum to the transport staff at their organization.

What is a Level II CHT Instructor?

A NAHTM Level II Instructor trains Level I CHT Instructors. This individual has:

  • Successfully prepared their transport staff, via the 3-course curriculum, to achieve the designation CHT.
  • Completed an internship with Impact Training Corporation.

If you are interested in train for the Level II designation, please contact Ruthann Walsh at

Visit Impact Training's website at