NAHTM 2020 Annual Conference Updates

Hello NAHTM Members,

So much has changed in the last few months, and healthcare seems to be changing in some way every day due to COVID-19.   The fluctuating and localized spikes in new cases nationally, as well as the financial impact we are seeing in healthcare overall due to the global crisis, provoke thoughtful consideration on the timing for a 2021 conference.  We believe in the value of the annual conference - the shared wealth of knowledge, the networking opportunities, and the platform for growth in the industry.  As such, the Executive Committee is meeting and weighing all options, and will share information once a plan is developed.

In conjunction with conference planning, we are also working on a plan for on-line education, presentations, or webinars as a resource for our members in the coming months.  We have all been working diligently in our respective organizations as demands and processes change for our healthcare transporters, and it is important that we share what we have learned.  Process changes, best practices, and offsetting financial impact related to COVID are just a few topics under discussion.  Additionally, we are open to suggestions and solicit feedback for additional subject matter.   More information will be coming soon as we finalize plans for these programs and develop a schedule.

You will be hearing more from the Executive Committee in the near future, and we wish all the best to our NAHTM family.

Best Regards,  

Michele, Moira, David & Elbert

NAHTM 2020 Annual Conference Postponed

Hello NAHTM Members,

It is with regret that we announce that we have made the decision to postpone the annual NAHTM Conference scheduled for October 6-9, 2020 in Newport Beach California.

As we in the healthcare industry are in the front lines of the growing global crisis, our focus needs to be on our health, our families, and our operations at this time, and for the unforeseeable future.

When operations normalize across the nation, we will return focus to planning a successful 30th conference and communicate an update to our members.

We do not know at this point if we will be able to postpone to early 2021 and shift the normal schedule from the fall to spring or summer, or if we will need to wait until October 2021. That will be decided once we are able to spend quality time investigating options.

We wish all the best to our NAHTM family as we work through this situation.

Best Regards,

Michele, Moira, David & Elbert
NAHTM Executive Committee

Happy National Patient Tranport Week!


November 1 - 7




The National Association of Healthcare Transport Management (NAHTM)  is composed of management personnel from throughout the United States, Canada and Brazil who are responsible for the transportation of patients in hospital settings.