The National Association of Healthcare Transport Management (NAHTM)  is composed of management personnel from throughout the United States, Canada and Brazil who are responsible for the transportation of patients in hospital settings.     

National Association of Healthcare Transport Management

Leadership Webinar


Sponsored by the National Association of Healthcare Transport Management (NAHTM)

Presenter: Karl Soderquist, President & CEO of Hubscrub


Are wheelchairs a Trojan Horse for Hospitals?

Just like the fabled gift of a wooden horse filled with Greek warriors who, once released from the belly of the beast, destroyed the city of Troy, wheelchairs are also carriers of hidden “warriors” that can take down many unwitting patients, visitors and staff alike. These “warriors” are Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) and they cost the hospital industry billions each year. Though probably the most shared piece of equipment in any hospital, most organizations do not have a program in place that would provide constant cleaning and disinfection of the wheelchair. However, there is a product available to help you win the war against wheelchair harbored HAIs…

 The only gift hidden within this Trojan Horse is a super clean wheelchair!


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Date: July 17, 2019

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